My sisters computers keeps constantly stalling for no apparent reason. The computer can be idle and will freeze or you can be in the middle of a task and it will freeze, the only thing that resolves this is a restart. On restart though you can log in and it will freeze up straight away (but this is not always the case). I have even had it freeze in safe mode.

I have run three versions of spyware (spybot, adaware & spysweeper) on it as I thought there may be a threat but still cannot resolve this issue.

Has anyone got any suggestions?

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Everything seems clean inside. I have purchased new memory but still it seems to be siezing or freezing


Hi, i built my computer and it ALWAYS freezes/restarts when i do CPU or RAM intensive stuff. i.e games, or installing windows. Do you think that this problem is probably because of the RAM ? I am pretty sure its not overheating, because it is well ventilated. What memory check program should i use to check my RAM. ...and if it is the ram, does this mean i need to buy new ram ? uhoh. Anyway, thanks for any help.:rolleyes: i just want my computer to stop freezing...thanks.

Ram test only test the ram for error ,it will not tell you if the ram is compadiable with you mother board ,ive seen computers work all right but freeze from time to time because the ram was incompadiable ,sometime 2 stick by different manufactor and the like anyway try mamtest86 it free let it run over night .


I dont believe its your RAM at all because get this.

I used to have an old compaq presario 5050 witch had a celeron processor eqivelent to a pentium 2 and this computer was designed for Win98 (Computer practically came out near 98) anyways the biggest craze about this is that i was running xp and i ONLY HAD 96 MEGABYTES OF RAM!!!!!!!! My comp was obviously a little slow but it actually ran pretty good and it never ever froze EVER!!

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