I have a clone computer with the following specification, Intel i5, 4GB RAM, 250GB hadr disk, ATI Radeon graphic card, PCI-E network adapter running on Window 7 Pro 32bit.

The problem is the computer unable to shutdown. When I shutdown it will go off and after a second or so it will turn on back again by itself and boot back to Window.

I have try changing the power supply, reformat the Window, change hard disk and change RAM but no solution. The last resort of course is to change the motherboard which I try not to. That's why I am here to ask for help.

Appreciate to anybody who can help.

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If you do a hard shutdown (by holding the power button of the computer until it shuts down), does it still turn back on by itself?

If it does, then it must be some sort of hardware issue. Maybe the power-button was wired up wrong?


That BIOS setting about restarting after power interruption (if you have it)- it should not be the problem in your case, but try turning it off. I don't have it set to auto restart because if a power outage is bad the power line auto-restart system will try to reconnect power 3 times before giving up, and I don't want my computer subject to that behaviour. But yes, the mb firmware/hardware controls switch-on behaviour, adjustable via BIOS settings.

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I have try hard shutdown and it does shutdown. It is only the software part. I even disable the power switch cable thinking it could be the panel power switch but still the same.

But I don't know about the BIOS. I may look into it. Thanks for the respond.


Ensure that the "Shutdown" option is not configured to restart the computer.

  • Right click the "Start button" (Windows globe)
  • Select "Properties"
  • Click "Start Menu"
  • Ensure "Power Button Action" is "Shutdown" (not restart)

How about ctrl-alt-del ?
If you have a laptop have you tried taking out the battery?
Is there maybe a reset option? Maybe you should just enter the bios settings.


I think I have try everything. From the BIOS to the Start menu properties. I will try a new motherboard today and see how it goes. Thank you all for responding.


Finally changing the motherboard solve the problem. Thank you all for all the help.

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