Yesterday I was going to head out to a friends so I was going to reboot my system (I do that every so often when I leave) and when it was rebooting, it took way too long. My power shut off for a minute and then came back I turned my computer on. I had five files on my desktop--I figured "Oh, hey, that's nothing, I'll get the others on there soon." I went to "Start" and then "All Programs" however when I looked, there was NOTHING there.

So I figured "Okay, System Restore." Checked it out manually and I couldn't get the file to run. So, I was thinking I'd need to check out the Progam Compatability Wizard--however I cannot find it. On top of that--I tried restoring my registry to a specific date, but it didn't work. Does anyone know how I can get my system restore working?

PS: I'm asking mainly because there is nothing in the All Programs section.

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Did it happen to your profile only ?? or if you're the only user try making another user account and logging into the account. If you see the start menu with the installed programs then you have your previous profile corrupted .. Try making a new profile.

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