Okay, so here's my data:

szAppName : svchost.exe szAppVer : 5.1.2600.2180 szModName : ntdll.dll
szModVer : 5.1.2600.2180 offset : 00011f52


I've cleaned these above temp folders on various occasions, and done every bit of cleaning that's possible, and even tried a system restore, but it won't work. At this juncture, I don't think it's a virus or any kind of malware.

The most irritating thing about all this is that it's got my sound device all screwed up. System sounds work, other media (including CD's) don't work, and I can't adjust the volume. with the sound device properties, it tells me there is no sound device installed, but under system information it tells me I have the Conexant AC-Link 2 Channel Audio. I've been to Conexant's website looking for patches/updates or anything of the sort, nothin' doin'.

I've hit a wall. Enlighten me.