am trying to install windows 7 on my pc,but the product key is not working what do i do

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Where did you get it? from microsoft or somewhere else?

Hi , what media did you use to reinstall Windows as this can determine specific activation requirements
ie .
Onboard recovery partition ?
originally distributed with computer recovery disk ?
Post computer purchase privately sourced recovery disk ?
Cloned from another same model computer ?
Via network image ?
Owner created recovery media ?

Contact Microsoft support, assuming it's a genuine license and you are not trying to install a cracked copy. If you are doing the latter, then read the rules and understand we will not help you.

Yeah like happygeek said contact microsoft support and see if that helps, if you brought it from microsoft the problem is found when their machines go quirky sometimes and mess things up. 2. if you brought it from ebay or someother place i assume they are only trying to scam you by tricking to pay for a fake License key. Robert signing off

Have you got a Certificate of Authentication? A COA? it should be stuck to the machine somewhere. If it a laptop it might be under the Battery. If not where did you get the key from? As previous advice No COA then contact Microsoft, you can do this via a support chat session (from a working PC..) There is no way around this one. OEM keys are used on OEM machines the BIOS has a function which enables the activation or allows you to load the operating system (Locked image). It is as Tigerbright questions infer

Thats the only way.

yerr , even MS advises if validation fails try again later
In fact OP did you try manually validating ?
search windows + validation , scroll down page to validate-now button
BTW if the native os version is oem VISTA / XP , you need a Windows 7 stand-alone Fully Packaged Product or Windows 7 upgrade license , and trying to attach an oem license for an upgrade is unsupported by MS ( a common owner mistake )
and never forget , the Redmond Bot knows all pertinent machine / licensing status ! However MS has been known to be merciful to private owners

I think "happygeek" defined the short solution just fine

Hi Emily , those keys ( License numbers that denote license conditions ) offered in your noted site appear to be used oem keys ( system builder) ripped from previously sold computers
If so they only be used on the same mainboard model and system builder - computer vendor - and world region - these can not be attached to mainboards of a different oem vendor nor attached to new white box computers

The oem license comprises key + coa + attached computer components
A particular combination may or may not pass validation ie HP branded oem key attached to a Dell computer
Computer hardware included in a Windows license ( determined during activation) includes mainboard , cpu and I think hard disk drive - mainboard being the major component - most device components have individual serial numbers including ram memory modules , so id is easy
When the key is activated these specs are also included in the data sent to MS

You can attempt to attach one of these cheap cost orphan oem keys but may not have support and really should not be supported

If you wish to upgrade to Windows 7 from an attached prior Windows version, then the fully supported license type is "upgrade license " or "stand-alone"
( these should be boxed with a contents authenticated label )
If you want a freeware operating system there is a Linux distro to consider

Used Windows 7 upgrade or stand-alone (FPP) have licensee transfer rights and so lower cost fully supported used licenses can be sourced as a low cost alternative to new retail

Hi "living" , i was just wondering exactly what your noted app KMSnano does and how ?

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