I have a simple question.
Is there any software which can enhance the voice recordings done from a mediocre digital voice recorder?

Meaning that it just increases the quality a bit of the voice recorded and exclude the enviromental disturbances....Hope u know what i am talking bout.


I would suggest Audacity it is an open source audio recorder with post production abilities. If you want to go all out than you will want adobe audition.

Don't expect miracles. If the environmental noise is as loud as or louder than the desired sound, you aren't going to get rid of it.

I want to know how it is that every time someone tries to take a "man on the street" interview, the worst of all noises decide to occur.

I have been asked to remove the following noises from such interviews:

- Two screaming fire engines much louder than the respondant.
- A city bus with a bad bearing
- Yappy barking dogs being led by a passer-by
- A boomcar passing by
- The city sign department pounding a signpost into the ground
- A circular saw from a nearby construction site.

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