Anna Marie I too, stumbled onto this from Google. I have the same problem Monitor Screen displaying everything sideways. I tried the ALT+CTRL+arrow key combo but that just inches my viewing area whichever the arrow is pointing that I push.

Does anyone else have any other suggestions.? I have read alot about portrait/landscape monitor orientation. They all suggest pushing the orientation button. But not one of the sites has indicated where such a "button" would be.

Does anyone know if it is s/w or on the keyboard somewhere or some place I have not even thought of yet? I have been to every tab in my control panel and nothing is working. I have even reloaded my driver. I am to the point of reinstalling my OS.

Thank you in advance for any help. This has been going on since last Saturday 6/23. I promise to come back often and attempt helping others with their issues.

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I think it can be changed in properties or display manager in control panel - or whatever its called.

Theres a short cut - but i cant remember it now lol

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