Im not sure if I am under the right Thread! Im new so please excuse if i have some probs that are already on here. :o My computer is a complete disaster. I have did a complete system recovery on it. That didnt work. I could of done it wrong. I had no disk. I am running windows xp. I lost complete sound a few days after system recovery. I dont know if I have a sound card or what . Im not very computer savey. Anyways I also update to sp2. My computer crashes or gets hangups all the time. Rebooting is even takin forever. I have Norton 2006 which I installed in Dec 05 and Adware Se. I have went through my error entry log and on my sound says that there is no wdm device or streamer. I lost my volume icon and says no audio device or no mixer devices. I went to and tried seeing if I could fix it by downloading the Wdm thing Still no sound. I have spent hours on the phn and hours on the computer tryin to figure out what is goin on. I havent any viruses since Dec. But lots of adware and other slug stuff. Like my name I am really Totally Stressed out and Im about to go mental over this .Lol Anyways I would appriciate any info or help on tryin to get this prob fixed. Thanks Ashley :rolleyes:

I got to lookin through some of the other active probs ppl was havin and i went to the msconfig part and poof i have no windows audio . Could this be my problem and is the a way to download it because I know longer have disk that game with computer.

Lol srry for all the typonese heheee must of got a head of myself . I even went and did the add hardware as suggusted still no results.