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Go to start, contorl panel, Add/Remove programmes in XP. In W2K go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs. :lol: Easypeasy.


I'm in the process of trying to delete the yahoo program. Can't find it in the add/remove program. How do I find it?:?:

If you cant find Yahoo in Add/Remove, try looking for it in Start/Programs. There may be an uninstall option there. If not just do a search, click all files and folders, type yahoo in both spaces, make sure C: is in the 'look in' space, click 'more advanced options', then tick ONLY the top 3 options and search. Then delete from the search window. If its a Yahoo folder you may have to double click it to reveal the internal files before you can delete the folder, delete these and then work backwards deleting as you go until you end up at the original search window. Then delete the folder, most times the folder will still be visible. But after you have deleted everything, close the search, empty the re-cycle bin and repeat. This time the folders that seemed to not get deleted wont be found. Yahoo must not be running for you to do this. Hope this helps. Eamonn.

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