I have home xp and i have a program called FIX IT its a virus program also but it wont let me unistall it and it tells me to re install it but it doesnt work!! it says im missing a file.
is there anyway i can delete this off? and just reinstall it again like delete the whole thing...

please help!:cry:

If you meant unistalling a virus scanner program:

hit control alt del, check to see if the process is in use, if so end it. Once the process is terminated you can go in and manually delete the program (find the directory and delete it), don't worry about the reg entries as long as you re-install it.

If FIX IT is a virus, then deleting it is basically pointless becuase it will replicate, so go here http://housecall.trendmicro.com/ to get a free virus scan that will remove it.

If that dosn't do it then please send the virus to bountyx@bountyx.net and I will make a removal program or find you one.