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if the pen drive is bootable, why cant you install whichever OS you are trying to install. make the pen drive 1st priority bootable


Google is your friend. You can find instructions here on how to install Wiindows from a USB flash drive. This is for Windows 7. Should also work for XP.


@helenspencer - that is certainly not the case unless by flashing you mean copying anything to the drive. Here is a method using no third party software.

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Don't waste your time with anything other than Hiren's Boot CD. Search for the "Hiren's Boot CD Download". It is 100% free so don't be scammed by someone trying to sell it. I've worked with computers for over 30 years. I had trouble making other bootable drives due to they all leave something out you need to know. Hiren didn't forget anything. Even a monkey can make a bootable CD\USB with Hiren's instructions.

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