Installed the suite this day only to find that some junk apps installed with it. Uninstalled one only to find that the others cannot be uninstalled because of the order of uninstalling. Writing to inquire if others have encountered the same issue. Clicking the apps in the control panel generates the message "please wait until current program is uninstalled..." Have done so for four hours. Guidance sought

please wait until current program is uninstalled - might need a reboot.

Open Office (and Libre Office) should not install any other apps with it. Where did you get the install files from?

I hope it's been resolves in over a week but if it hasn't. Try killing MS trusted Installer, even if you rebooted you may need to kill it. If you're not affraid of the registry, backup your whole Microsoft Office Key. Then delete just the 8.0, 9.0 and 14.0 keys. Then try to open Office. It should do a quick repair install. Once office opens, close it then try to uninstall. If there is no change, add the Office Registry files you backed up back into the registry.

FYI this fix is from Microsoft's website. It was originally for an IO error with PowerPoint but I've used it the past 8 years on 90% of office problems I've encountered.