I have a Dell inspiron 1100 which came with a DVD decoder..but when trying to free up some space on my laptop i seem to have deleted or lost the decoder. I can no longer play DVDs, the option is gone from Windows media player and dell media experience...

Do i have to buy and install a new decoder now?

Thanks for any help


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or you can use VLC media player (www.videolan.org/vlc/) it can play DVD's with out the codecs installed on the system plus its also ggod at playing video files w/ wierd formats

hi i have a toshiba satellite pro windows vista and i would like to reinstall compatible dvd decoder because i can watch dvd anymore on my computer.thank you


Hi elvingumede and welcome to Daniweb,
You are very kind to thank the poster bu this thread is very old (Jul 17th, 2006), I don't know if they will still be around to receive it.

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