Recently my sister deleted files from her computer, Compaq of course and she reformatted C: and D:, which contained the info to restore the computer. The restore disk will not work, it keeps saying "CALL COMPAQ CUSTOMER SERVICE" Yeah, like they could help. Anyway, I found a WIN98 disk I had laying around and installed that and everything seems to be running fine except I can't install the modem. I keep getting an error that says "The installer cannot load the modem.cpl for the WDM Enumerator Device, please contact the vendor. I know the CPL is a control panel extension, but I'm not sure what the problem is. I installed the drivers but keep getting the message. I've removed the modem, restarted then shutdown and physically reinstalled the modem, but I keep getting the same error. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Hey, thanks for the reply. No there were no errors when I reinstalled windows. I also have a conflict in device manager which I'm pretty sure is also a cause for the problem. I have a conflict with the PCI System Management Bus. All other PCI devices are installed and running great!


Try and get the most updated modem driver from Compaq. I think they have it in their site somewhere.


Hey, Thanks everyone for your replies, however I got ahold of a quick restore for Compaq, and now everything is back up and running fine, believe it or not.

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