Within the past week or so I have been working with large file in Photoshop... My computer has been running slow anyways that this wasn't helping. I started recieving low memory dialog boxes before my computer would lock up, but now, when trying to open a file in photoshop or open a file in just "my computer" everything will just disappear from the screen. the program will quit, with no warning or explanation. What is this from?

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Chances are you have spywear or a virus , have you done a scan lately? Are they up to date? Do you have a firewall?, If not virus software AVG it's free, firewall Zone Alarm, a free verzion can be gotten. Now if after scan you still have problems download HiJack This into a seperate directory, run and post a log here. You can use Google to find the above programs. :cool:


Thanks for the help... I do have zone alarm firewall running all the time, and microsoft anti-spyware.... I am going to see how this Hijack spyware works. thanks agian


What are the system spec's how much RAM?

I'm running windows xp... Dell dimension Celeron CPU 1.80 GHz 256 MB of RAM. I bought spyware doctor last night and did all the scans. things are running slower than ever now, and photoshop still quit on me today.

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