I wonder if anyone could assist with an intermittent BSOD...

Initially it was a driver power state failure, lately its been watchdog.
Event viewer shows the DCOM error 10016.
I followed the article help on the CLSID error, which didn't change anything.
w10 home on a toshiba satellite i7 5500u.
The error is not consistent with any application launch, even none. Right now the machine is running perfectly.
I've tried reinstalling av and mbam, drivers, ssd driver change etc. No difference.
The only evidence I have is the problem occurs when the computer either restarts, or hibernates. It usually makes it to the sign on screen, and from there starts choking. I've watching the application monitor and it shows system interrupts using all the cpu.
The problem started after the may 2019 update (1903).
I have looked at the power management settings and I can't see anything obviously wrong.
As stated before, it is intermittent. thanks for any tips

I think you should be more consistent about restarts. That is, forget HIBERNATE since you have a SSD.

Even then, my most stable PC ever seems to still get an issue once every few months. I am not going to chase that one down as it seems relating to gaming.

Since you are running W10 you may have driver hell. That is, with Microsoft automatically updating drivers on a few PCs I've had to disable Microsoft's Driver Update (not to be confused with Windows Update) and then install the drivers from the makers.

In no way or words am I telling you this is the fix. But I would forget about hibernate, sleep and possible grab control back on drivers.

PS. I see nothing about the PC but am seeing too many show up at the repair counter that need the current OS and the drivers that the makers tell us to use. I also see why this happens. Folk did not expect to have to know this stuff decades later after the first PCs. Sorry folk, it's still up to us to sort that out.