I have individually checked each RAM chip I have and each slot on my mobo. I have 4 1GB Ram chips that work together in all combinations up to 3GB but when I use all4 it is only giving me 3.25GB. My mobo is capable of 8GB whit 4 slots ( 2GB per slot ). On boot it shows the full 4GB of RAM but in Windows XP professional OS, the system only shows the 3.25GB. If anyone can explain to me why this is and what I can do to get my full 4GB I would greatly appriciate it.

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Yes. Read here: http://www.brianmadden.com/content/content.asp?ID=69 or google "memory limit XP". I felt surprised, too. :)

Wow, i guess I will load my x64 version. But what I still don't understand is that I only get 3.25GB and not the 4GB it still seems it should be capable of. Even with all that I shouldn't have an issue with the restriction of my memory. Thanks a lot for the article and the quick response.


definitly no onboard graphics, I built the systam myself on a gigabit mobo with the duel express 16x slots. but I do see what you mean with the google hits, you have been a great help to me, thank you.

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