I had to remove service pack 2 for xp from my computer. It would not recognise my camcorder. In windows xp pre service pack 2 it would recognise my camcorder. It connects through firewire. I cant get it to recognise the camera at all when service pack 2 is installed. I called my camcorder company and they said it was windows, i called windows and they said it was the camcorder software. So i decide to reinstall the orginal xp, and now my camcorder works. Whats the deal?

Hehe..(sorry to laugh) but are'nt technical service support lines, simply a pleasure to deal with!

Do you have a fireconnect card? However the plot thickens!

It appears that IEEE 1394 (firewire) drivers that are present in SP1, have been replaced in SP2! Goodness knows why as microsoft sometimes work in very mysterious ways.

It is also true that windows has slowed data transfer rates in SP2 for firewire to 100 Mbit/sec. (from 400 Mbit/sec) although windows claims that they have a download fix for this which i will attempt to find for you. Does your camcorder support USB 2.0 interface, and if so have you tried it with SP2? (claimed at 480 Mbit/sec although this is rarely achieved im told).

Anyway one fix for your dilemma (to keep you in SP2) would be tocopy the old Windows XP SP1 1394 drivers (dated 8-29-2002) back to the \windows\system32\drivers directory. The three drivers are; 1394bus.sys, arp1394.sys and ohci1394.sys. You may want to copy the current drivers (dated 8-4-2004) to a temporary location should you want to restore them later. I found the current drivers were also located at \windows\Driver Cache\i386\sp2.cab. From explorer, double-click on \windows\Driver Cache\i386\sp1.cab to display the contents. Highlight the three drivers listed above, right-click and "extract". Extract them to the \windows\system32\drivers folder and then restart.

Maybe this dilemma is due to the fact that Apple created firewire and microsoft simply cant stand the fact....who knows?


I am going to try an reinstall service pack 2 this weekend with those new drivers. Nope unforgently the camera does not have a usb 2 cable.