I've been trying to get around this one for a couple of weeks now and am reaching the limit of my patience,

I have a Dell Inspiron 1000
which came factory shipped with XP Home SP2,

I put a fresh HD in it and went to install XP, halfway through the blue screen copying files to the HD to install - SHUT DOWN -

I've tried this with 7 different copies of XP now from legit to bootleg home and pro, and bought an external DVD drive and ran into the same problem

all have the same error,

though when it occurs is sometimes different - sometimes at the first user screen asking if I want to install / repair
sometimes while formatting the hard drive it will shut down part of the way through,

the funky part is that I was able to install Windows 2000 without a hitch, only problem being the the drivers for this systems wireless only exist for XP...

any thoughts from the community at large?

getting to the point where I start playing target practice with a friends shotgun...



Are you doing a full format in NTFS when you install XP?

I would suggest, that when you try to install, you delete the current partition, and create a new one. Having pressed Enter to install a fresh copy of XP, select the C:\ drive, and press D to delete, and then L then Enter, (or Enter then L). Then press C, to create a new partition, Enter to confirm size, and Enter to install the Operating System. Select Format in NTFS (not quick format).

That is all I can think of, outside of some wierd hardware problem.

Regards, David

I have tried every installation configuration there is...

Deleted the Partition, etc...

keeps shutting down, sometimes at the first screen where i have the option of installing / repairing / exiting...

only thing I can come up with that I have tried is opening it up and removing the factory memory as I have seen several posts around the web that this can cause similar problems...

though still hoping someone else can come up with something I haven't