Hi Folks,

We have 3 citrix servers which our internal users use and our external (home) users can log into citrix via our web site. We have a user at home which has a HP Laserjet 1200 which she needs to print to whilst in a remote citrix session, my question is can we set this printer up on our 3 citrix servers so that when she logs in she can print to it. I have tried adding it as a local printer on each server and then logged in as her and tried printing with no luck.

Any help would be very much apreciated!


Hi - since this is a local "consumer" class printer I was thinking you might have better luck sending the client's local disk to the Citrix session and then just have the user save the desired file to their local disk and print it locally.

I found this article about Citrix printing which you may find informative:


And also this one on sending a client's local disk:


These settings will allow the Citrix Server to map/mount the local drives from your workstation for read/write access and make the settings permanent in future sessions