God only knows how I landed up with this crazy problem...

My main C:/ Folder has somehow been given a Folder Type as a Media Folder.

(If that was too confusing:

When you right click in any other folder, click on Properties. Under the customize tab, you can use an option called the "Use this Folder Type as a Template". Amongst other things there is a type which is the media folder.)


The main problem ensuing is that all the folders in my C:/ take too long to open. For example the Documents and settings folder takes ages to open if clicked on. The rest of my PC is perfect.

The reason I can't solve this problem by simply right-clicking is that when right-clicked in the C:/, you can only see the Disk Space and other official information.


I have no idea as to how and why the folder got defined as a Media Folder in the first place, but I want it gone. I want the folder back to a normal folder.

Any help on this one? :-|

Go to Tools/Folder Options on top of your Explorer window and put a dot in Use Windows Classic Folders. Also go under View and then take the checkmark out of Remember each folder's view settings. Apply the settings.

Your c drive's properties look fine.