I've spent the last 2 days reading through the various (similar) hotmail login problems. Mine gives an error message of "data not available" with both Firefox (v.1.0.7) and Internet Explorer. I've tried all the pc maintenance suggestions posted in thread 27570 (deleting cookies, cache etc), I've tried the hotmail login fixer in thread 13938, tried registering the various dll files as in thread 21321 and had the same error as posted in nb 8, tried the msn messenger trick as in 21321 nb9 adn also changed all my activeX Internet Options to say prompt as in 11098. None of this has worked. I'm running Windows ME and my hotmail has worked perfectly until 4days ago. I tested it from an Internet cafe and my work pc and there is nothing wrong with the hotmail account.

Can anyone help?

Hmmm. Sorry this response is delayed.

Is your internet running through a router? This is the likely problem. I would try resetting the router and trying again. Also, reset the modem while you're at it.

If you need help with this, post back.


Thanks so much for replying! Please do help me with resetting the router. I have a Seepdtouch 330 router plugged into my USB port and it doesn't seem to have a reset button and I cannot find a way to reset through the Properties window. Should I reinstall the drivers (the speedtouch website does have downloadable drivers but I'm not sure where I should extract the zip file to).
Sorry - I'm still a beginner on this stuff!