I have many problems(Computer wise) but one of the problems is I can't get rid of the drag to disc program that tries to install when I boot up. Now, I got it as a trial version but when I tried to uninstall it(because I realised I didn't need it) it said there is 1 or 2 files missing, am also unable to do this via unistall programs from control panel.
I also need to get HiJack this, so I can post it here, where can I download it.
I have windows XP by the way.

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You say the program tries to install when you boot the machine?

You need to check that the Startup does not have a link to this program:

Click Start -> All Programs -> Startup if the program is listed here then remove it, just right click on it and choose Delete.

If the program is not there then click Start and click Run a window pops up; type msconfig. A new window pops up. Go to the last tab (Startup) and make sure that the program you are trying to get rid of is not listed here - if it is then untick it and clock OK you are tehn asked if you want to restart, choose yes or restart now (what ever it is).

Hopefully this will work.

Of course there is another way of getting rid of programs after they have lost files, just reinstall the program, once installed then go to Control Panel and choose to uninstall it - this method usually works - unless the application is spyware or similar unwanted type of application.

To get Hijackthis follow this link:


hope this post helps

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