Hello everyone

I just made my computer, and installed Xp Pro x64 on it. It is loaded with drivers, applications, and antivirus just fine. Everything seems to be running OK, except I cannot create secondary accounts with the limited setting.

I have the Administrator account setup with a password, and the files as private. I wanted to create a secondary account (I want to leave the Guest account for others) for my regular use, and wanted it to be a limited account. The option for "Limited" is grayed out on the User Account screen.

Anyone else having this problem?

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On XP, you have to have 1 administrator account that is not 'Administrator' if you want seperate accounts. Once you create the first user with 'Administrator' privledges, then you can create 'limited' accounts. The 'Administrator' user will no longer show up on the login screen either. (although you can press ctrl alt delete twice to get the text base login).

(Yes, I understand this is an old post, however it still has relavent information for future viewers)

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