Hi, every time I try to "log out" of Daniwed, IE6 locks up, the only way to get out of it is to use, ctrl+alt delete and end the task, any help would be most appreciated.

Best regards, Bob

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Hi Jimmy,
Many thanks for your comments, I think I have resolved the problem. I had added DaniWeb to my favorites from within a thread and logged on. I have now changed it to the home page and all seems ok.
Many thanks, Bob.


Not a problem give it a week and you will never go back to IE 3well for some things. Give it a week. You know there is tab browing and a lot of other really really handy features I wish IE would put in. Seems today about 15% are mozilla browers searching the web which is a good thing.


It will cure all your problems BTW point that question towards dani.

But that really doesn't fix the problem. This is strangely reminiscent of good ol' Big B Affleck and his idiotic musings.

If it don't work, throw more shit on there! :rolleyes:

Aside from that, I use a BlueFyre build of Firefox .8.


Well not my fault IE sucks reinstall it or better yet be a man and reformat your box it takes 20 mins and your back at square one.

That is a fix I am not throwing this guy BS and making run around in circles. That's my two cents.


Calm down guys.

Luckily, the guy solved his problem. He is asking a question about Internet Explorer in the Internet Explorer forum. Being as such, answers should probably be constrained to helping the user with his/her Internet Explorer issue.

While installing Mozilla would mean that he'd no longer have a problem with Internet Explorer, it wouldn't fix the issue-- it would simply sweep the problem under the rug. If you'd like to PM the user with a suggestion to run Mozilla, cool! But, we really should focus on fixing Internet Explorer related issues in this forum.


I am going to start a vote for IE/Mozilla fourm because mozilla/firefox is the future of internet browsing it is coming at IE like a bullet do you agree with me? I know this is a IE totally agree but, I feel in the next couple of months IE/Mozilla or a plain Mozilla fourm. I don't know I always look at what's comuing up next.

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