Hey guys... I just reformated my laptop with windows XP Professional, and I'm having some problems...

All LARGE processes slow down as time goes on... runescape, C&C Generals, the sims 2, roller coaster tycoon 3, they ALL slow down to a crawl as time goes by.

This happens as what I like to call it "Frames per second", my FPS goes to maybe 3, then bounces back to full speed. The increments of time in which this happens slowly shrinks.

Example: The game or large process will run fine for maybe 3 minutes, then you will get a "lag spike" of 3 FPS between 2-5 seconds. Then it will bounce back, 2 minutes will go by and it will happen again, 1 minute will go by, then 30 seconds, then 10 seconds. Until its about every 5 seconds, that is when I become frustrated and close the program.

I have a very decent system, that has recommended specs for all these games:
2.8ghz intel pentium 4
512 DDR-SDRAM (two 256 sticks)
64 Graphics card (Which I dont think is causing the problem, worked fine before the reformat)

The model is an Dell Inspiron 5150 laptop

Please help, Ive tried everything... spyware doctor, PC-Cillin, disk defragging, my registry is fine.

reformatted, but you give no details really.. if windows is in it's own partition did you give it plenty of room, incl for its page file? 5GB min for home, pro needs a lil more. dunno really, but it sounds like heat or free space.