I am currently on my main box (Windows 2000) and I have XP in my house, but unfortunatly it's crap, so I returned to Windows 2000. But, I have noticed most apps that MS is giving out for free doesn't support Win2000. Do you think they should provide a version of Internet Explorer 7 for Windows 2000? At least, they should provide Microsoft Defender and possibly Windows Live Messenger. I am using Trillian for chat, and I am using ad-aware and Spybot Search and Destroy for my anti-spyware apps, but I really like the Windows Defender Application.



AMD Athlon 64 3800+, 1GB RAM, Radeon 9250 256MB PCI, Win2000, Opera 9.02

Saying XP is crap is a bit ermm harsh. I don't know when you had XP but it has changed since it first came out lots of people say the SP2 took it out of BETA so you may want to install it again.

To be honest I can see why you would want those programs to come out for 2000 but seen as you have a copy of xp...

Anyway trillian is good and I really doubt Windows defender will be any better than Norton or anything like that, anyway doesn't it come with Vista in which case why should you get it for free if others have to pay for it.

What i am really trying to say is soon you will be two OS's behind maybe it's time to bite the bullet?