I have installed SP1 available for windows xp 2003 server (already installed and working having Lan and domain settings) after SP1 installation internet sharing stops on all domain users. i tried best to solve the problem even reinstall the server and set domain again. plz tell me its solution. most of other people have same problem in there setup. looking for some solution thanx.

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You should use NAT istead of ICS. this page may help,

no ics after 2003 sp1
No ICS available after installing server 2003 SP1. Situation: after installing
Windows server 2003, there is ICS on the advanced tab of TCP/IP Properties. ...
www.howtonetworking.com/casestudy/2003sp1&ics.htm - Similar pages

Microsoft Windows New release Issues
No ICS available after installing server 2003 SP1. Windows Firewall running on
DC - "Windows Firewall cannot run because another program or service is ...

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