G'day to all

Anybody's got a system with Prescott cpu?
My system: Asus P4P800-E Deluxe and Prescott cpu.
My question is anybody got similar system with windows xp sp2?

I was told that installing the service pack 2 will lock up the computer.

Thanks in advance

G'day Mate

The nice thing about XP service pack 2 is that you can uninstall it. So i would take the bull by the horns and try. We could all learn from your setup. If you find the system unstable you can uninstall SP2 and themn we can look for a soloution.

South Africa

G'day Darren

The problem is that I've got windows xp cd with sp2 build in so I imagine
there's no possible removal of the sp2 if problems strike.



Being the devils avocate that i am. Fortune favours the brave. I would find myself a spare hard drive say a 10gb or 20gb and remove my existing drive a keep it safe. Install XP with SP2 on this spare drive and run it to see if you pic up any problems... if you dont you can always install your safe drive with all you documents on as a slave drive and access them from there. If you pic up problems remove the 10 or 20gb and put the safe drive back in ...... the moral is you will never know if you dont try



G'day Darren

That's a bloody good idea mate, I will try a soon as I can get hold
of a spare hard drive.

I'll let you know the results, be patient.


Well mate I've tried your suggestion but no luck at all the damn pc
boot up with the dreaded blue screen of death.

I guess it can't be done with prescott processor.
In the other hand I was just reading in the asus forum that some chappy
has the same set up as mine, same bios version and he has two pc
installed with sp2, figures that matey.

take care

I found out the hard way that to be working the motherboards has to be of the same type,
that's why I was getting the blue screen.
I couldn't do an install repair or reformat because of the blue screen again, so
I removed the spare hdd, refitted it in the old computer, reformatted with Partition
Magic floppy disks, removed, refitted in the current pc and installed xp sp2 with no
problems at all.

I thank everybody for their advices