I have seen problems similar to this on many sites, but none of the solutions have helped and none have the exact same symptoms.
Immediately after installing "NWLINK IPX/SPX Compatible Transport protocol" my CPU has periodic cpu usage spikes every 2-3 seconds. It remains after rebooting. When I remove the protocols, the spikes continue until I reboot and then are gone. The cpu spikes up to about 70% and then back down to <5%. Furthermore, no processes are taking up these cycles in task manager and the system idle process stays above 70%. In the performance monitor in administrative tools, % processor time, % interrupt time, and % DPC time, all correlate. If I hibernate, when I wake up the computer the spikes are gone.
I have a Dell Inspiron Laptop 8200 running windows xp. The bios has been updated and windows it up to date. I have Norton and scan and update regularly so I don't think it's a virus (but anything's possible). Furthermore this problem first in 2001, I've just had the protocols uninstalled since then, but now I need them.

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Why exactly are you using such a trite protocol?

Netware is fully TCP/IP aware and fully capable of doing what it needs to do that way...

Honestly though, can you live with the spikes in CPU message? You know that NWLINK does things entirely different than TCP/IP, yes?

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