I'm running Windows 2003 Small Business OS on an application server and have no trouble running programs from the server on any of the client computers. There are only 4 client computers on this little network and we are licensed for 5. The problem is that we cannot use network neighborhood to access each others computers and this is something we would like to do. I'm not a total neophyte but Windows 2003 has me very baffled. Things worked last week just fine and we could all use the network. The LAN and server were turned off for the weekend and now we get connectivity errors. The clients are running XP Home. Nothing changed over the weekend except the ability to use the LAN. I read the other thread and tried turning of License Logging but that didn't help and I've rebooted the server to see if that was a problem. I repaired all the LAN connections and got no interesting messages. The router shows all IP address properly and there is no trouble with the WAN connection. Now what?


Server Name //BIGBOY
server comment bigboy

software version Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Server is active on
Netbios Smb <000000000000>

NetBT_Tcpip_<6F306E0D-ECE7-4159-B45F-14EEB594D83> <00801e173d56>

Server hidden no
Maximum logged on users unlimited
Maximum open files per session 16384

Idle session time <min> 15
The command completed successfully

Note: I have made some progress on my own. I discovered that one of the client computers signed on as a Domain computer. When I reconfigured for no domain the problem went away, but when I turn the server and the client off and then restart the system that one computer wants to join a domain. :?: