everytime i start up it runs through the windows startup fine but then the screen goes black and say "Input signal out of range"

the only way i can get into windows is via safe mode.

i've looked over some previous threads about the same problem and tried typing "dxdiag" in run to bring up the directx diagonostic tool to override the refresh rate but it doesnt come up, i'm guessing because i'm in safe mode??

Ive also tried changing the resolution while in safe mode and restarting, that doesnt work either

any ideas guys and girls ????

ahh when I saw your post, i didnt think you had tried changing your resolution in safe mode. It is definitely a resolution issue though, as refresh rates that aren't supported by the monitor are never used. This is a Windows default to prevent hardware damage.

I know it's a risky process here, but have you tried using a restore point, or editing your boot options to "use the last known good configuration"?

Also try uninstalling your screen drivers in safe mode and rebooting, that might do it.