Good day

I am setting up a Windows Media Server but have a question about secure access.

I used to use a Windows Media Server that I hired the use of and it had a certain security feature - it would only serve video files from a certain folder if they had a valid "security token" appended to the filename.

The token string would be requested by some php within the page that had the mms stream embedded. Each token would expire after 1 minute.

Say for example that the token was AbAbAbA, the embedded filename would be:


If the token was not appended or if it had expired, the file would not serve.

I have tried searching allover to try and find how this was done, as I would like to use that again, but unfortunately have not had any luck, and the company I used to hire the server from does not exist anymore. Can anyone help me out?


Hello. It is possible to do that you need using Windows 2003 Enterprise edition. Our company has developed a product to do exactly that you are looking for - MediaGateway. It is designed to perform media files access management. MediaGateway is an authorization plug-in for WMS 9 Series performing users validation and access control.