Hi, I have already seem two other people with the same problem here in the forums, but both their problems seemed to be sorted by the answers they got...I tried both the solutions and neither of them worked!:mad:
So, here it is: Windows media player 10 has no sound. Doesn't matter which type of files I play, there is video ecc, but never any audio. I have tried the solutions suggested by others (unchecking the nero plug-in and changing the options regarding which device I use (marking it as the Default Device), checking that none of the volume "mute" buttons are highlighted, but still no luck. All my other media software works fine (winamp, nero showtime..).
I am running Win XP.
I was wondering whether it might be a codec problem....but that's way beyond my knowledge, so anyone out there got an idea of how to tackle this?
I have also, BTW, uninstalled and re-installed WMP but again, no luck.
I look forward to hearing from you all!

Hi sophe,
First of all, how/when did the problem start? I'm presuming you haven't had it since forever, so it might have been that something you changed, or installed, or updated, may have tampered with the settings. Can't really say much more apart from try to reverse any changes you might have made to your system either by System Restore, or just uninstalling the relevant software.

Good luck!

Check your mute button next to the volume slider on the player.

media player broke my dads sound by installing new codecs

i went into device manager and deleted all audio devices then re booted and ran the add new hardware wizard then it worked

Thanks everyone, I first followed jbennet re: the codecs, and downloaded a set of codec files for XP (http://www.free-codecs.com/XP_Codec_Pack_download.htm)
and it works!! Simple as that...isn't it stupid?! I've wasted the better part of a week trying to suss this out...
Anyway, thanks again for your suggestions!

Good diagnosis J (Y) :)

OK, back to square one...the sound has disappeared again...and reinstalling the codec files didn't work this time. I didn't change anything, one day it worked and the next it just didn't!!
Any more ideas, anyone? I have since downloaded WMP11 and I have the same problem!

try what I said about deleting the sound device and letting windows find it again. This fixed ikt for my dad

commented: Good diagnosis, knows his stuff +3

I just hope it finds it! I am always a little wary of deleting stuff and then letting windows find it again, but I'll try it...!
Thanks...I'll get back to you...

try what I said about deleting the sound device and letting windows find it again. This fixed it for my dad

Try exactly as Mr.Bennet says here if that doesn't work go simple.

If this is a desktop is it integrated sound or sound card?

if integrated get new updated drivers for the motherboard sound.

if a sound card new updated drivers for it.

Check your speakers if external hook a different set to it.

I can't believe it...it worked! Unbelievable...thanks ever so much, just shows how much an old wrinkly knows (I'm 36!)
Good job! I'm indebted...

Nice Job JBennet, for a Young Fellow he knows his stuff.

thankks. this happens periodically for my dad. For some reason everytime windows gets any media player related update it breaks his sound - hope this bug gets resolved soon

Me again....the same thing has happened again, any idea for a permanent fix? Every couple of days the sound (in WMP11) just disappears...I don't mind having to reinstall my audio devices, but it mucks up my Skype USB phone settings and I end up wasting an hour every time trying to get that right again! Maybe there's some kind of conflict? I tried downloading Driver Detective and saw that my audio drivers aren't up to date, so I went to C-Media and looked for the driver the Detetective Driver told me I needed and can't fin it anywhere...it was something like 12.1.41 if i remember correctly. But, I don't really feel like spending $30 just yet on getting Driver Detective if i don't have to...any ideas??

seemngly this occuarance is triggered by windows update applying updates to media player

Yea, WMP keeps telling me it wants to update, I just click 'No' and carry on with my life as I know it. Keeps me sane. Sophe you probably don't want WMP 11 if you can help it...

So what do you think I should do? Disable all automatic updates?
It did update something yesterday but it wasn't anything to do with WMP...It's SO frustrating...

As far as windows updates you need them he is talking about the media player itself.

Yes Sophe I am talking about media player updates... don't want to confuse you, but I tend to only update things if I think they're necessary. What is the state with WMP now, still no sound?

Still no sound...I have changed the updates (on WMP) to once a month...that's the only other choice it gives you, you can't turn them off definitively...and I rolled back to version 10, and then uninstalled my audio devices like I did last time, but with no luck! Any ideas?