Had a error message appears in my Windows XP.

The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000142)

What's it?
How do I solve it??

Please advice. Thanks.

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What were you doing at the time of the error? Did it hint on any file that it had issues with?

The error message appeared when windows is booted.
The error message just pop out.

There's another error message on cmd.dll

All these happens after I update winxp service pack 2.

Have you tried booting in Safe Mode?

So after booting in safe mode, what do i need to do to fix the problem?
Please advice.
Thanks a lot.

Well you may want to click on START, RUN and then type cmd .... Then in the box that pops up, type SCNDSK .... let it scan your harddrive for errors and let me know the findings

can't execute scndsk..

Also, error message during windows loading is cmd.dll

When trying to shut down error is arp.exe (0xc0000142)

Will Windows boot all the way at all? If not reboot and press F8 again and tell it to do a BOOTLOG....it'll load each file one by one and ask you if you want to load each one. When it gets to cmd.dll, tell it no and see if that moves it further along the booting process

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