A friend of mine tried to upgrade to Adobe 8 and it got corrupted on his disk and now he cant get it off,out of the registry or anything..... (We finally got it out of ADD/REMOVE)

He tried to re-install 7.8 but it says 8 is still there (The keys in the reg which we cannot get rid of)

We cant do a system restore as all the restore points are gone...

I spent 4 hrs on the phone w/him the other night trying different things and nothing worked...... We finally got rid of "AcroIEhelper.dll" but its keys in the registry will not go....... (And there are a few other files also)

Is it possible his disk has been locked somehow?? (Or the reg) .. I am very confused...... He is about ready to just re-install XP (Which he doesnt wanna do)

We tried cleaning the registry with several programs and no good.. Those keys wont go.........

Any help would be thanked very much!!

God bless

I think we are getting somewhere here....

I had him goto 1 of the abode keys and then click EDIT/PERMISSIONS (In regedit) and that key was set to 'READ ONLY' so i had him change it to READ/FULL CONTROL then asked him to try and delete the entry.... IT DELETED!!

Now we just gotta find every adobe key and make sure they are not 'READ ONLY'

I think the keys in the ROOT directory are the important ones when trying to install another copy,am i right on that?? (Each program starts in 'ROOT' (Like your computer does)) -- The ROOT of the problem for example (The starting point)


I just did some research and i guess Adobe products LOCK YOUR REGISTRY so no other program can get rid of it!!!



Thats for Flash 8 but it shows what is done..

Now we gotta MANUALLY UNLOCK ALL THESE KEYS then delete them!!!

Boy oh boy what a pain!

Really what right do they have to LOCK the keys in place?? Cause's stuff like this to happen if something goes wrong!!!


My friend just ended up re-installing the os..... (After 3 weeks of trying to clear this garbage)

Adobe is basically trash!!