Ok. I had installed this brand new DVD burner, couldnt get windows to recognize it...took it to Best Buy and they said it was the IDE cables. I changed them...now windows shows the DVD drive in My Computer and in BIOS. When i put a CD in and try to open it, the computer basically freezes up for a few minutes, then coms back to life, and the CD never gets accessed. My old CD burner works just fine, and i tried reconnecting the cables, not sure what else i can try. The DVD burner is brand new, not refurbished, its a Pioneer. Any help would really be appreciated!

Go to control panel perfomance and maintenance if it's not set to classic veiw if set to classic system.go to hardware - device manager then ide ata/atapi controller then check that your controllers are set to DMA.

then go to pioneers web site and see if there is a firmware update.

Have you doen any windows updates lately??? There might be anupdate for you new drive in windows Update....each time I got to get Updates I go to th website and use the custom and I see the updates fot certain hard ware in my PC