Dear Anyone.

Computer crashed due to a very large and nasty virus, so I reformatted the hard drive, deleted all partitions to force the Windows install disk to repartition (that way the virus couldn't be hiding in the partitions!) and Windows reinstalled. That was fine.

Went to Control Panel, couldn't find any Multimedia controls. Looked in Device Manager/Other Devices (big yellow question mark) and all the multimedia devices had yellow exclamation marks on them. Clicked on them, they said they didn't have drivers.

Why? I installed XP from a GENUINE MICROSOFT DISK, covered with holograms, verified by Microsoft online, the lot. Why wouldn't it have its multimedia drivers on its disk?

And where do I get them from? I'm writing music, want to record what I write as soundfiles and I can't make any of the multimedia settings work because of lack of drivers.

I've installed SP2, gone to the Microsoft Website to look for drivers, no joy, or I'm looking in the wrong place (could well be the latter!)



Go to the site of who made the computer wether it be HP,Dell,Compaq and get the drivers for your system.if it is a clone you or someone else built it look and see who makes the motherboard go to there site and get the drivers.

You need to obtain the Motherboard driver CD that you got with your pc if you dont have it ask the person or company that you both the computer from. Anytime you reformat a hard drive you have to reinstall all the drivers for you to have a fully functional system.

yeah, not all of the devices drivers are supplied with windows, so find the MoBos driver disk and install mutimedia drivers from there.