Ever since Microsoft downloaded its latest upgrade, Netscape won't work right.

About once every two minutes, Netscape suddenly freezes. Other functions on the screen (such as the taskbar, and other software) continue to work. This lasts a minute, and then operation resumes for another minute.

I opened the task manager and selected processes. During the frozen minute, it shows Netscape consuming 99 percent of CPU time.

Virus scans show clean, and spyware scans show only the usual junk my ISP puts there.

I would try uninstalling Netscape through Add/Remove Programs and then downloading the latest version of netscape and installing again. Otherewise try uninstalling the MS Update.

You could also try doing a SYSTEM RESTORE to before this update was installed (This fixs many things)

Good luck :)

I uninstalled and reinstalled Netscape, and the same thing happened.

I can't do the system restore without losing a paid download.

You can Backup that part of the registry (That contains the paid programs keys) then restore to an earlier time and then merge that back into your registry :)

why do you need netscape anyway?

I have some legacy software which fights with IE