:sad: Okay

Here is the problem!!!!! I had someone rebuild my computer for me. Everything inside is new. He installed Windows 98. After having problems with that we tried to install Windows Xp and that never happened, could not install, had errors coming up. Thought the hard drive was bad. He had to take the hard drive out and install an operating system using his computer. Now when we turn it on I get the following error message: Error while initinalizing the DMDIS device, restart your computer. When I restart it the only way that it will work is in the safe mode. Could the mother board be bad or the memory. If not what do I need to do besides buy a new system.


Try resetting you ram sticks first, if that does not work, try another stick that you know is good. That is all I can help you with so far. I tried googling, but did not come up with much. Seems like you are having alot of problems with new parts. Check everything out and return all bad parts.

WindowsXP is trying to use the drivers for the motherboard your friend had in his system. Boot your box into Safe Mode, remove all System devices that are relational to the motherboard, including the video adapter, USB, NIC, modem, etc. and reboot. When WinXP reboots, it will detect the current devices and load the appropriate drivers, and all should be well.

Also remember to load the chipset drivers for your motherboard (usually on the CD as "4+1") IMMEDIATELY reboot the system after installign those drivers without doing anything else.