I just found this site, It's fantastic like the first time you saw a playcentre in McDoanlds when your little!

My issue is a wierd one. I just picked up LN 6.5.1 to help organize my contacts, mail list, calendar etc. The problem is first creating a mail list from my groups that were organized by category (Country in this case). The option doesn't show so I had to make a folder of them and create the group from there.

No problem but for some reason when creating the group of contacts, all the ones I added today are blank in the create group directory. Yesterday's contacts are visible. (ie. name, blank, blank blank, name name, blank etc) When I change the group type to 'mail only' the blank entries are dropped and just the visible names get listed.

This is a fresh install of Notes -Client Only- and I'm pretty low in experience using it. let me know if I need to provide more info and thanks for any help anyone can respond with.

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I see there isn't too much info for the issue. I've ditched it and went with an older version of ACT! 6.0

There's no email list feature in it I found so I just have to keep it in a seperate document.

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