hi everyone...this is my first time posting here...i am having a problem with my WindowsXP on my laptop. The screen with the logo appears and it seems to be loading...but just stays on that screen...it isn't frozen cuz i can still see the bar on the bottom moving back and forth...but windows never loads. How do i fix this?

My second questions is ...If my operating system is completely messed up or i want to just reinstall windows...is it possible to save my files through DOS or something else first?

sorry if the second question has been asked before...i'm a newbie to computer software and i have a lot of bills and work spreadsheets on my laptop i dont' want to lose.

thank you.

If you Reinstall windows, there's a slight Risk of loosing the files.
I would say, Boot into Safe mode (hit F8 wile PC boots) or just keep hitting F8 when you Turn your Lappy on.
then go into Safe Mode.
Move anything you want to Keep onto a Folder on your C: drive.
(This will prevent you From locking you out of your files If file protection is on)
Then Reinstall windows without doing a format.

Im not to Into the Windows Recovery console.
But if anything Comes up Ill be glad to help

First thing I would attempt is (at the same menu he mentioned before) at the F8 screen, goto 'Last Known Good Configuration'. Typically if a machine is booting fine one minute, then isn't the next, something got updated on your system. This will effectivly roll back any changes to the system (as long as it wasn't a file getting overwritten). This should always be the first choice if your PC boots, but doesn't load Windows.

If none of the above works (safe mode or LKGC) you may want to get someone who is familiar with computers to make you a UBCD. This will effectivly give you a running windows OS off of a CD, in which you can backup your files before you have to start anything drastic.