hello all,
does anyone know how to shut off the auto complete (when typing in address bar or google search bar , etc...)in windows XP?
any help would be appreciated. thanks!

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What version of IE are you using?

In IE 6, click on Tools, then choose Internet Options. I believe the option you want is under the Advanced tab, listed as "Enable inline autocomplete". Uncheck that, and then click OK.

I'm on a FreeBSD system right now, so excuse me if those directions are slightly off...

hi and thanks for the reply. im using IE 6.

the only thing i saw in "...advanced" was "use inline autocomplete". that box was not checked. other than that, i didnt see anything anywhere else. any other ideas?

Tools -> Internet Options -> Content

Click on the 'AutoComplete' button, and turn off the settings there!


got it, thank you....

Thank u both question poser and replier. I got removed the same headache.

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