Hi All,

I stumbled across these forums in my attempt to gain some information on a few issues I am having with my PC so hopefully someone can help me out.

Issue 1:
Currently running Windows XP Home Edition(SP1). Today when I started my computer I firstly had an error message dealing with something titled bridge.dll. After some late night research I conclude that this is linked to spyware/adware and that in order for me to remove/repair this I need to edit the registry. I have never done this and don't look forward to possibly destroying windows, so any advice somebody can give me on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.

Issue 2:
Along with this message I have also noticed that my taskbar is continually changing its settings (even though it is locked) usually after I get an error message about referenced memory not being read. It seems as though my desktop resets itself as my wallpaper disappears, then reloads again, at the same time changing my taskbar to show the search assistant and quicklaunch menu. Usually I have it set on desktop menu and address bar. Could this also be associated with spyware/adware? I run spybot S&D regularly and still have this happen even though all threats are fixed.

Issue 3:
My third frustrating issue is that I seem to be having issues with the windows XP based driver for USB's. I upgraded my digital camera today and followed the instructions for installing the software. No probs installing this, but once I connected the camera to the PC via USB, the add new hardware wizard started but then prompted me to insert the Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 1 CD into the drive as there were files required to complete the installation. After thoroughly reviewing the manual and troubleshooting guide for my Canon PS S1IS it clearly states that no canon based driver needs to be installed for the software as it works solely off the USB driver packaged with XP. My dilemma is that My PC came bundled with XP when I purchased it and I don't have such a disc! I have searched the Microsoft website for any help on USB drivers as I was thinking that maybe I had deleted a driver file or something and that maybe I could just download it, but had no luck there. I even tried a system restore...but my PC would not restore to any previous restore point (tried about 6 different ones :/) on the off chance that it might work. I have contacted Canon and am waiting on a reply...but maybe somebody here could give me some advice....

Aplogies for such a long winded thread. Thanks for taking the time to help me out in any way possible. :o

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OOps... Pays to look at rest of forum before posting. Just saw post in security section regarding bridge .dll....my apologies :lol:

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