well there is my real problem i dont look up at the screen ever and so thus i dont see the errors i make ....i usuually edit afterwards as well just many erros slip by...if i DIDNT look at the keyboard id prolly make less errors and seeing druing the duration of this post ive looked at the screen and not at the keyboard as much ive made quite less errors...i should try to corecct my habits of looking down while i type cus well..its bad for psoting and bad for gamesd as well as well..if im typign to some one then i look up i see rockets flying in my face and well thats bad....so yeah...prob is i type slower lookng up ..so yeah...:/..

yes, learn to touch type.

well...its not much as learning as reforming ones mind set and habits..as in i know just about where allt he kesy are i just ..have been for a while tryin to shake the "looking-at-the-keys-whilet-yping" habit..i suppose i could spend some time, post-exams practicing typing ....the punctuation however is something that i always sorta just guessed in enlgish what to do with..lol..

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