Hello everyone,

While trying to get to read up on and get to know more about P2P networks I downloaded 3 programs which I have scanned for viruses (with negative results) and have NOT YET installed.

The programs are:
UTorrent, Port Forwarder (from portforward.com) and Lime Wire (basic).

I was going threw the tutorial on the Port forward website where it tells you how to find the port information etc. I did not make any changes to the computer or the ports or any other component.

As I hit the cancel button in the Advanced section of the Firewall configuration area my pc stalled for about 5 seconds and then when I returned back to the TCP/IP properties window I had LOST ALL the icons that were there before.

I have also now lost the D: drive, E: drive, My Music, My Pictures, other document icons in the "My Documents" folder and all the system icons when you click on the "Start" button.

Immediately after this I couldn't establich a connection to the net and the MSN connection that used to have an icon but was disabled by me now says "unavaialble device missing".

Can anyone help in getting these back? I have run spybot search and destroy which found WIN32.VB.atz and I fixed it.

Can anyone help get these back?

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Hi folks,

Just wanted to let you know that everything is back to normal.

I shut down using Task manager and on reboot system was back to normal. Staying away from those software I donwloaded though just incase.

Thanks to Titans for the reponse.


get emule, or limewire basic. I use em both, they in themselves are safe, but whether the files you download are, well, that is up to the bloke who put them up. Isn't it?

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