I have read numerous posts about this and have ran about 5-6 different spyware ad aware programs to no avail. I have also tried 2 different antivirus softwares and nothing is helping. Hoping maybe someone here has an idea. Attached is my hijackthis log.

Thanks in advance.

Anyone have an idea because this laptop is driving me absolutely batty.

I have no idea how to help you. I am having the same problem, though. There was an old thread about this, but it was closed out.

None of the information in the old thread was any use to me, however.

I do not think this is a virus or an adware issue.

I have been having problems with this ever since I reinstalled windows XP. I used to use XP pro corporate, but reformatted and installed XP Pro home edition. That's when the problems started.

For me, the CPU only goes to 100% when I try to play video files (of any type). I have used Windows Media Player, Media Player Classic, and a few other players. I have installed every codec available, including Divx and several other codec packs.

I used to be able to play videos with no problem, now the CPU goes to 100% and makes the computer unusable till I manually kill the video-player application or it's thread.

Any ideas what may cause this? There was a patch on microsoft.com to fix a problem like this with Media Player 9, but I had Media Player 11 installed and still had this problem.

I removed my current driver and reverted to the default VGA driver that comes with windows and that allowed things to play (badly) but without the 100% CPU usage problem.

This is not a solution, but it's a strong indicator that something about the drivers is at fault.

Okay. I fixed it on my computer.

I have an Abit nforce AF7 series motherboard. When I went to device manager, it showed that the SM bus controller wasn't loaded. (SM Bus controlls various low power devices and something to do with the chipset).

I went and found my motherboard disc and reloaded the the chipset drivers. This fixed the problem.

So... there you have it. It was a driver related issue, not anything else that would be obvious. I don't know about your case, but in my case it was related to the Motherboard Chipset Drivers, not to the video driver, not to a virus, not to a codec.

All the solutions I've seen for this problem on other boards all fell back on some sort of driver problem, video driver, etc.

Some people did have trouble when their drive was so full that there was no swap space available and their memory was overloaded, but I doubt that's your problem.

Good luck with it. I hope my similar case was helpful to you.

Try turning your system restore off for the C: drive. Tell me if it works.