Untill recently my pc has been fine untill i booted it up the other day and it went straight through to the safe mode screen where you get the choice to boot in both safe mode and normal mode, i have tried to boot in both safe mode (with and without command prompt) and normal mode and even the option of recent settings that worked all to no avail.

in normal mode it loads up for a second then flashes a blue screen with some text on it i cant read as its to fast and then restarts and repeats this process untill i switch the PC off, in safe mode it scrolls down with some text and repeats the same process, there is no way it will start or even go into safe mode.

i rely heavilly on this computer as its in my recording studio and has alot of work on it. it is running xp and has two hard drives in it, one 120GB HD with most my files on but the 40GB hd which came with it still has alot of work on it which i dont want to lose so dont really want to consider factory reseting it if possible.

any help would be much appreciated!


You either can try to select the Last Known Good Configuration option from the boot menu or try using Sytem Repair with Windows Setup Disc.
To boot with last known good confuration settings. Start your computer. When you will see the boot menu, select the record in the boot menu listed that is used to start your corrupted system and press F8. Now press enter as you do when you start your sytem normally. You will see menu containting record Last Known Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked). Select it and press Enter. I recommend backing up files located on that system partition prior to doing that. See this for additional info. Read this to find out what the Last Known Good Configuration feature is good for and where it will not help.

To use Sytem Recovery console feature, boot from your Windows Setup Disk. At the Wellcome to Setup screen press R when asked to start the Recovery Console
Follow this guide to fix registry errors if it's the case.

There's yet one (that is probably the one you should prefer) approach to fix errors with non-starting operating sytem. You can use Repair function available from Windows Setup utility. Again you need to boot with your Windows Setup disk and press R. Only that now you should do it after the Welcome to Setup screen. When you are on Welcome to Setup screen, press Enter to start with setting Widows up. Press F8 to agree with agereement (if you agree ;)). On the next screen select the correct Windows setup and press R.

Here you can find a very nice illustrated guide showing you step by step how you can do that all and repair if your Windows doesn't start.