Ok a couple days ago I went to change my cursor from original to 3d grey, so I go to the control panel printers and other hardward mouse, pointers and It said there was nothing there, stay tuned.......so I didn't pay much attention to It cause It wasn't that big of a deal, I go to use the calculator and It wasn't there, no big deal really. Then I go to play a game like solitare, as im sure you can guess, not there. So I throw in my Windows disc and try to put the items back on and i started the installation and for every item i wanted on there it said "error reading spider.exe" or something along those lines. Yes I tried cleaning my disc and all that. Is there a place I can download all these items?

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since you have lot of things missing why dont you try doing a repair installation of windows using the disc.
if you suspect sometinhg to be wrong with the disc as well than i would suggest copying the i386 folder from the cd to HDD and than running winnt32 from the i386 folder on HDD to perform an inplace upgrade

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