From a W2000 workstation I tired to files my files which reside on a Small Business Server platform (version - from 1999) and when I hide them it hide them from me. The only way I can see them again is to go to the server and select each folder change the permissions by unchecking hidden and archive and then selecting all files in the folders and doing the same thing. This is quite tedious and taking forever. Is there anyway to globally change the permissions on all folders and files under my directory. When I click on the security for permissions and auditing and ownership it tells me I can't do it because it is not NTSF.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hunter Technologies

You sure can, just do it at the command line:

attrib -h -a drive:\path /d /s

Where drive:\path is the file path that you want to change, like C:\FILES, or something. That should make every file in the directory have the read-only and archive bits unset. If that command fails, try some combination of wildcards, like C:\FILES\*.* for instance.